Klebsiella pneumoniae on bromocresol purple lactose agar

International Center for Microbial Resources dedicated to pathogenic bacteria for humans and animals (CIRM-BP)

Leader : Emmanuelle Helloin

Klebsiella pneumoniae on bromocresol purple lactose agar
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The CIRM-BP is dedicated to the:
> conservation and the distribution of bacterial strains, pathogenic for animals or humans and mainly coming from INRAE collections;
> distribution of the genomic DNAs of these strains.

The CIRM-BP also aims to valorize the biodiversity and particularities of these bacterial pathogens. For this purpose, we establish collaborations with academic or industrial scientific partners, which may lead to the studies of:
> new molecular markers describing the strains distribution within the species or genus;
> comparative genomics to highlight the potential specificities of a group of strains belonging to a species;
> the antimicrobial potential of molecules on a panel of pathogenic bacteria.

The CIRM-BP can also act as a partner in scientific projects to guarantee the quality of biological resources.

The CIRM-BP facilities meet today's strict biosafety standards regarding the pathogenic bacteria of biological risk groups 2 and 3. A quality assurance program was set up which allows the CIRM-BP to be ISO 9001 certified since 2008.


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Scientific staff:
Helloin Emmanuelle
Jacques Isabelle

Technician and assistant engineer:
Chambellon Emilie
Darrigo Claire

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