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The comprehensive research unit “Infectious Diseases and Public Health” (Infectiologie et Santé Publique – ISP) is dedicated to the research on major infectious diseases in veterinary and human health. ISP is a Joint Research Unit (JRU) affiliated with the French National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE) and the University of Tours (UT). The UT and INRAE laboratories are located on University Campus sites and at the INRAE Centre Val de Loire in Nouzilly, respectively. Nouzilly is located 25 km from Tours and can be reached by INRAE bus shuttle services free of charge.

The JRU ISP comprises 10 research teams that are grouped into three thematic divisions according to the infectious diseases studied being caused by bacteria, parasites or viruses in:
> humans at the UT;
> livestock species at the INRAE Centre Val de Loire.
The JRU ISP also includes the following core / facilities: flow cytometry, histology and imaging facilities and the International center for microbial resources dedicated to pathogenic bacteria.

We provide practical trainings for Master’s and PhD students, and we welcome and support postdoctoral researchers striving to develop a career as independent researchers.

In close proximity to the JRU ISP at the INRAE Centre Val de Loire, the Platform for Experimental Infections (PFIE) provides state-of-the-art high containment (BSL3) animal experimental facilities for infection experiments with:
> farm animals: cattlesheepgoatspigsequids, and poultry
> laboratory animals.
The experiments can be only performed following approval by the local ethics committee (CEEA VdL).

Together the JRU ISP and the PFIE form a closely collaborating research infrastructure dedicated to animal infectious and zoonotic diseases that is unique in France.

The “Phenotyping & in/eX vivo Imaging from ANImal to Molecule" (PIXANIM) platform provides further unique experimental facility at the INRAE Centre Val de Loire. This platform permits to perform surgery accompanied by high-end imaging (CT scan and NMR) on small ruminants or pigs under conditions similar to those available in hospitals.

Do not hesitate to contact the JRU ISP team leaders and/or researchers to obtain further information about training opportunities and our portfolio of researches.
We are looking forward to your request – See you in Tours / A bientôt

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