Research teams are organized according to the main diseases under study, caused by bacteriaparasites or viruses



Bacteria and maternal/fœtal risk

Streptococcus agalactiae culture on Granada agar and blood agar. © University of Tours, MEREGHETTI Laurent

Team leader: Philippe LANOTTE
Deputy team leader: Émilie CAMIADE


Bacterial Infections and Immunity in Ruminants

Detection of Mycobacterium bovis in mouse lungs 7 weeks post infection (modified Ziehl staining, magnification X 600). © INRAE, COCHARD Thierry

Team leader: Pierre GERMON


Genomic Plasticity, Biodiversity, and Antimicrobial Resistance

Antibiogramme. © INRAE, CARRERAS Florence

Team leader: Benoît DOUBLET


Microbiota, Monogastric and Salmonella

Cell surface rearrangements induced by Salmonella invasion mechanisms. © INRAE, WIEDEMANN A. - Univ. Tours, SIZARET P-Y

Team leader: Isabelle VIRLOGEUX-PAYANT
Deputy team leader: Philippe VELGE





Apicomplexa and Mucosal Immunity

Ileal mucosa of Cx3cr gfp/+ neonatal mice infected by Cryptosporidium parvum. In red, C. parvum, in blue nuclear staining, in green Cx3cr1+ cells. CD64 macrophages and Ly6c+ inflammatory monocytes represent the Cx3cr1+ population. © INRAE, POTIRON Laurent

Team leaders : Sonia LACROIX-LAMANDÉ and Fabrice LAURENT


BioPharmaceuticals and Microorganisms Against Pathologies

Crosstalk between  dendritic cell and Toxoplasma gondii. © Univ. Tours, Antiparasitic Biopharmaceuticals team Biomédicaments antiparasitaires

Team leader: Isabelle DIMIER-POISSON


Control and Resistance of Macro-parasites

Nematode - Haemonchus contortus L2 larva which have uptaken a solution of fluorescein isothyocyanate (FITC). ©INRAE, BLANCHARD Alexandra

Team leader: Cédric NEVEU





Biology of Polyomavirus Infections

Virus-like particules of theMerkel cell Polyomavirus, obtained by the VP1 major protein expression and observed by transmission electron microscopy. © University of Tours, TOUZE Antoine, SIZARET P-Y

Team leader: Antoine TOUZÉ


Biology of Avian Viruses

Differentiation of Chicken Embryonic Stem cells (CESc) toward the ectodermic lineage: at day 30 post plating in differentiating conditions cell monolayers are stained with antibodies to cytokeratin (red) and occludin (green), thus enabling the visualization of a cuboidal epithelium, typical for chicken keratinocytes in culture. © INRAE, Vautherot J-F, Couteaudier M

Team leader: Caroline DENESVRE


Infection and Innate Immunity in Monogastric livestock

Avian cell infected by the H1N1 avian influenza virus. © INRAE, TRAPP-FRAGNET Laetitia

Team leader: Sascha TRAPP


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