Antibiogramme. © INRAE, CARRERAS Florence

Genomic Plasticity, Biodiversity, and Antimicrobial Resistance

Team leader: Benoît Doublet


Antibiogramme. © INRAE, CARRERAS Florence

Our research group investigates the biodiversity and bacterial genomic evolution contributing to the epidemiological success of bacterial pathogens. We study also the dissemination of pathogenic bacteria across various ecosystems. We use a combination of genetics and comparative genomics approaches with a particular interest for mobile genetic elements. We investigate 3 model systems:
> acquired antimicrobial resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, 
> evolutionary history of genera and pathogenic species belonging to the family Brucellaceae
> genomics of mycobacteria Mycobacterium avium ssp. Paratuberculosis (Map) and Mycobacterium bovis related to their evolutions and reservoirs.
We are interested in major multidrug resistance mobile genetic elements, i.e. plasmids and integrative conjugative elements, spreading critically-important resistance genes in the One Health context (horizontal gene transfer, persistence, dissemination routes).
We also investigate the evolutionary history and the emergence of pathogenic species within the family Brucellaceae (e.g. zoonotic Brucellae and opportunistic Ochrobactrum). We are particularly interested in cell wall components (outer membrane proteins, lipopolysaccharide, and resistance).
We also study the genetic diversity and the evolution of pathogenic mycobacteria in animals for identifying key genetic determinants for virulence, host adaptation and environmental persistence. We are studying the transmission dynamics of mycobacteria and we are deciphering the biosynthesis of Map-specific  cell wall antigens.


Pubmed since 2012


Scientific staff :
Baucheron Sylvie
Biet Franck
Cloeckaert Axel
Doublet Benoît
Leclercq Sébastien
Zygmunt Michel

Technicians :
Cochard Thierry
Foubert Isabelle
Pereira-Melo Sandrine
Praud Karine

PhD student :
Sibide Oulèye

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