Daniel MARC

DVM, PhD, "Infection and innate immunity in monogastric livestock" team member


Designing new antiviral strategies requires a deep understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in the viral replication.
My research focuses on the Non-Structural protein NS1 of influenza viruses, a key actor that allows the virus to thwart the antiviral defences of the host cell.
Specifically, my activity is devoted to explore the structure-function relationships of NS1:
> in vitro: RNA-binding, transient expression of NS1;
> in vivo: genetically-engineered viruses, chicken model of influenza virus infection.

Other activities

Teaching activities:
Co-organisator of the teaching module “Public Health” and teaching in Masters 2 :
> Cellular and molecular Infectiology, Vaccinology at the Tours University:
> Erasmus Mundus "Infectious diseases and One Health" (IDOH) involving three core partners: University of Tours/INRAE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/CReSA and Hanover Medical School.
Lectures: history of infectious diseases; influenza viruses; methods in virology; prion diseases, tutorial class on emerging diseases.

Regulatory and expert activities:
Scientific expert and inspector, GMO office, DGRI, Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (MESR). Regulation of the contained use of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Contact details

Daniel MARC

Daniel Marc
INRAE Val de Loire
UMR ISP - 213
37380 Nouzilly
33(0)2 47 42 79 85
Email : daniel.marc@inrae.fr



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