Sascha Trapp

DVM, PhD, "Infection and innate immunity in monogastric livestock" team leader


My research addresses the onset and feedback-regulation of cytokine responses to infections with influenza viruses in chicken lung epithelial  cells and endothelial cells. In addition, I am trying to decipher how subclinical infections with influenza viruses may pave the way for severe clinical manifestations of Escherichia coli super-infections in chickens. A recently established research line concerns the assessment of the putative antiviral properties of various proteinaceous compounds in a high-throughput chicken cell infection model.

Other activities

I am Executive Manager and co-coordinator of the VetBioNet (PDF) BSL3 infrastructure project assembling 28 European and international partner organisations; this project is dedicated to advance research on emerging epizootic and zoonotic diseases.   

Contact details

Sascha TRAPP

Sascha Trapp
INRAE Val de Loire
UMR ISP - 213
37380 Nouzilly
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