Pierre Germon

PhD, "Bacterial infections and immunity in ruminants" team leader


The research activity of the team is dedicated to the study of the main bacterial infections of ruminants including bovine tuberculosis, paratuberculosis and mastitis that have a significant impact on animal and human health worldwide.
The team addresses these diseases along three complementary lines:
> Phenotypic and functional characterization of inflammatory cells and their interactions with lymphocytes. New approaches for mastitis control by vaccination are also being investigated. Regarding bTB, our main goal is to understand how lung innate cells impact on the protective versus pathological granulomatous response. We approach these questions in the bovine host or mice and also develop original models including bovine cell lines, reconstructed cellular models and Precise Cut Slices.
> Characterization of bacterial cell wall components involved in virulence and immune modulation. This includes LPS of E. coli induced mastitis and cell wall lipids of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis and Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.
> Understanding of bacterial evolution during the dynamics of infection and identification of key molecular determinants for fitness, transmission, virulence and persistence in the environment.

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  Pierre Germon
  INRAE Val de Loire
  UMR ISP - 311
  37380 - Nouzilly
  33(0)2 47 42 78 86
  Email : Pierre.Germon@inrae.fr



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