Nathalie Winter

PhD, head of the “Infectious diseases and public health” unit, "Bacterial infections and immunity in ruminants" team member


The major focus of my research is the immune response against mycobacteria provoking human and more recently bovine tuberculosis.
My goal is to decipher immune regulatory mechanisms in the granuloma, the cellular structure that constrains mycobacteria but also destroys the lung. More precisely, I want to elucidate the role played by neutrophils and other related granulocytes in the balance between pro and anti-inflammatory responses.

Other activities

Since 2015, I have been the head of the “Infectious diseases and public health” unit.  

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Nathalie WINTER

  Nathalie Winter
  INRAE Val de Loire
  UMR ISP - 213
  37380 - Nouzilly
  33(0)2 47 42 73 14
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