Françoise Bussière

PhD, "Apicomplexa and Mucosal Immunity" team member


The emergence of anticoccidial resistances and the cost of vaccines call for the develoment of new therapeutic and prophylactic strategies for coccidiosis. A better understanding of the cellular and molecular dialogues between the Eimeria parasite and its host will enable us to improve existing control methods.
I am interested in host parasite cell interactions, the physiopathology of Eimeria infection including the immune response and the influence of the microbiota, and in the control of this infection. In order to find natural alternatives, we have developed collaborations with private companies.

Other activities

Teaching about cellular invasion by Apicomplexan in the Masters :
Infectiologie cellulaire et moléculaire , Vaccinology (cellular and molecular infectiology, vaccinology, ICMVAT) at the University of Tours ;
> Erasmus Mundus master "Infectious diseases and One Health" (IDOH) involving three core partners: University of Tours/INRAE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/CReSA and Hanover Medical School.

Contact details

Françoise BUSSIERE

  Françoise Bussière
  INRAE Val de Loire
  UMR ISP - 213
  37380 Nouzilly
  33(0)2 47 42 76 83
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