Anne Silvestre

PhD, "Apicomplexa and Mucosal Immunity" team member


Kinases comprised in rhoptry compartment from apicomplexan parasites are major virulence factors, secreted into the host cell. They contribute to parasitophorous vacuole membrane biogenesis and are involved in hijacking host cell, to ensure parasite development.
ROPK from parasites are highly divergent from host cell kinases and may be valuable candidates for therapy or vaccine production.
We are focusing our studies on ROPK from Eimeria sporozoites, the first invasive stage.

Other activities

Teaching :
I’m involved in teaching in the :
     > French master "Cellular and molecular infectiology, vaccinlogy and therapeutic antibodies" (ICMVAT), at Tours University;
     > Erasmus Mundus master "Infectious diseases and One Health" (IDOH) involving three core partners: University of Tours/INRAE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/CReSA and Hannover Medical School.

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Anne Silvestre
INRAE Val de Loire
UMR ISP - 213
37380 Nouzilly
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