Caroline Denesvre

DVM, PhD, head of the "Biology of Avian Viruses" team


For many years I have been interested in the biology of Marek's disease virus (MDV). My recent research has focused on:
> the identification of viral and host factors influencing the tropism and excretion of Mardiviruses from the skin;
> the development of new 3D models of avian skin in vitro, in order to study virus/skin interactions and to reduce animal experiments;
> imaging of viral infection in chicken integuments;
> improvement of vaccine platforms derived from Mardivirus.

This work aims to better understand MDV-chicken interactions to develop new methods for controlling this viral infection in chicken farms and limiting viral excretion into the environment.

Other activities

I have been responsible for BioVA team since 2009.

- Co-coordinator of the “Cell-pathogen interactions” teaching unit in masters 2:
> Cellular and molecular infectiology, vaccinology, therapeutic antibodies at the University of Tours (2003 -2021)
> Erasmus Mundus “Infectious diseases and One Health” (IDOH) involving 3 main partners: University of Tours/INRAE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona/CReSA and the Faculty of Medicine of Hanover (2016-2021)
- Marek's disease virus and tumorigenesis lecture in master 2 at Paris Pasteur Institute.

Academic contracts:
Program coordinator:
> Anihwa ERA-NET MADISUP (2014-2017);
> Carnot Animal Health Institute MARDISHED (2016-2017).

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Caroline Denesvre
INRAE Val de Loire
UMR ISP - 213
37380 Nouzilly
33(0)2 47 42 76 19
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