Imaging a section of mouse intestine infected with the parasite Cryptosporidium parvum. Confocal microscope housed in a protected level 2 laboratory. © INRAE, CHANTELOUP Nathalie

Laboratoire d'imagerie et infectiologie

Leader: Julien Pichon

IMI team expertise, © INRAE, PICHON Julien


IMI is a specialized imaging platform dedicated to the study of infectious processes.
The team possesses multidisciplinary scientific expertise and specializes in monitoring pathogens in their environment, characterizing infectious pathophysiology, and studying host-pathogen interactions. It benefits from the integration of a range of complementary methodological approaches, allowing for multi-scale exploration from whole animals down to single cells, for the study of living organisms in a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL2) confined environment.
Located at the Nouzilly site, the IMI team is open to external inquiries on a wide range of biological questions, subject to the capacity of its equipment.


The IMI team provides state-of-the-art equipment for the study of live and fixed samples within BSL2 confined laboratories.
In vivo Imaging
     - IVIS Spectrum Imager
     - Paraffin dehydration and embedding automation
     - Paraffin embedding station
     - Manual microtome
     - Automated microtome
     - Cryomicrotome
     - Automated histological staining system
Photonics microscopy
     - Nikon Eclipse 80i wide-field microscope (brightfield and fluorescence)
     - Leica SP8 spectral confocal microscope
Image analysis
     - Image analysis station
     - Dedicated image analysis software
Flow cytometry
     - 4-laser research analyser LSR FortessaTM X-20 (Becton-Dickinson)
     - High-speed 4-laser cell sorter with clonage module MoFlo Astrios EQ (BeckmanCoulter)
Sample preparation for Single cell/nuclei approaches
     - Chromium Controller 10X Genomics


Pubmed since 2012


Scientific staff:
Le Vern Yves
Pichon Julien
Rossignol Christelle

Assistant engineer:
Sausset Alix

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